National Association of Legal Document Preparers

The National Association of Legal Document Preparers (NALDP) released today general guidelines on how to become a legal document preparer, a non-attorney who helps consumers represent themselves in undisputed legal matters by preparing the necessary legal documents to court standards. Unlike paralegals, legal document preparers do not work under the supervision of an attorney.


1) Learn your State’s Laws: Your first step in considering a career as a legal document preparer should be to research your state’s practice of law rules, which define what is considered an “unauthorized practice of law” (or UPL) in that state. To find these rules or court cases, check your state code, the state Supreme Court or the bar association.

2) Educate Yourself: While no formal training is required in most states, it is important to receive proper education to ensure that you are providing the best quality service to your customers. Some suggestions for training include:

3) Purchase the Necessary Software: Many LDPs use software programs to organize and prepare documents. See the full article for software suggestions.

4) Join NALDP: The National Association of Legal Document Preparers is the only national association dedicated to promoting and protecting the legal document preparation industry. NALDP will help you promote your business by providing you with marketing tips and promotional materials, a membership certificate, frequent industry updates, access to a members-only web site, a forum to network with other legal document professionals, listing in an online directory of legal document providers, discounts on products and services, and much more.

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10 Comments on “National Association of Legal Document Preparers”

  1. Silverfox Says:

    I am always a bit sceptical about preparing legal documents online. I have been doing a bit of research myself and i really appreciate your article. It is helping me to learn more about the process. Silverfox

  2. Jodi Rush Says:

    I would like to become a member

  3. [...] used to be a member of the now defunct National Association of Legal Document Preparers (NALDP) [...]

  4. Lewis Says:

    Can I be a legal Document Preparer in Texas

  5. frank barton Says:

    I used to belong to your organization as well as being a legal assistant but I did this on my own until I had back surgery then I had to give this job it was a part time job I did in the evenings Would like to join again and start up my part time job again now since I.m retired.

  6. Peggy Daniels Says:

    I didn’t see a link to join this association or the cost. Peggy Daniels

  7. Ruth Tick Says:

    Peggy we’ve met online before. I’m the Director of the Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers, and we’re considering taking our association national. What do you think?

  8. Ruth Says:

    Nationwide Alliance of Legal Document Preparers – – Come and join us!

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